To use, a rivet is placed through a hole (same size as rivet) drilled through two flat objects (usually metal). A tool is used to smash one end of the rivet, which expands to about one and a half times the width of the rivet, to hold the rivet in place and objects together.

There are many different types of rivets of different sizes, composition, and for various needs, from plastic to wood, as well as metal. The pop or blind rivet is the type used in this “how to”.

Pop or blind rivets have a tubular shape with a mandrel through the center. One end looks like a long nail. A special tool or gun is used to smash the rivet and cut off the long end.

Pop or blind rivets were invented by as Carl Cherry and Lou Huck. Before that time, it took two people to install rivets. Pop rivets can be used by individuals. They are called blind because they are installed from one side of the objects being connected.

These rivets are not as strong as other types of rivets. They are usually used for lighter tasks, which requires less strength and perpendicular weight loads.

Step 1

Attach an 1/8″ drill bit to drill.

Step 2

Place one of the objects to be joined on top of the other object where you want them joined.

Step 3

Clamp the objects firmly together.

 Step 4

Drill a hole through both objects.

Step 5

Insert the long end of a pop rivet into the pop rivet gun.

Step 6

Push the short, wide end of the rivet through the holes in both objects.

Step 7

Squeeze the trigger of the pop rivet gun a few times until you hear and feel a pop. The gun has popped the mandril end off of the pop rivet and the two objects are locked together.

Step 8

Remove clamp from the objects.